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Run YuFit in iPhone [WORKING METHOD]

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How to setup YuFit band in iPhone devices


Yes, you read it right. Most of the people have complained about Yufit as a con that it does not support iOS devices. Considering that rumor, I have come up with a solution which will make the Yufit run on your iPhone completely. First of all, let me make it clear that you don’t need the HealthifyMe app on your iPhone to run the Yufit band as they don’t support it as of now.


This 3 step tutorial to setup and run Yufit in iPhone is based upon my previous article which you might have read to set the clock format as 12 hours in Yufit.


You should be on iOS 7.1 or later:

1. Download Body sensor app from here.

body sensor iOS

Open the app settings, hold the Yufit’s pair button and add it in your iPhone.

ios yufit

Done. That’s it


What all can body sensor do:

As per comparison done by the Trending Team, body sensor is much better compared to the YuFit app. You get many features including:

* Track your daily activity.

* Monitor your sleep.

* Help you better manage your health.

* Share workout or sleep information to facebook.

* Support the managing of multiple devices.


Voila, now you can run Yufit on your iPhone without missing a single thing. Unfortunately you can’t connect your it to HealthifyMe as it does not support iOS as of now. Hope this solves your problem 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Run YuFit in iPhone [WORKING METHOD]

      1. Hi I m using yu fit band with ios but notification is for call alerts and messages is not working. Is there any setting or pairing I need to do. Please help

  1. Hi
    I just want to know I can use all its function like message alert phone and and please there is any plan of micro max for developing app for iOS

    1. hi Suraj – i will try this .. but what do you mean by keep switching modes ? do you mean to keep switching modes “at the band” from pairing mode to non pairing mode while i let the app keep running the device search on the phone ?

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