Everybody knows that the rewards of reading are immense. Reading enhances our communication skills while helping us reduce stress. Nevertheless, many students cringe when it comes about reading. So, what is to be done to motivate them to read?

Here are 10 tips that will help students love reading:

  1. READ AND BECOME A MODEL FOR YOUR STUDENTS. Read for pleasure, information, instructions, connecting with others, and so on. Modeling is critical. Teachers and parents should make sure that they are seen while reading. They must read at the same time as the students. They should model reading for pleasure and talk to the children about what they are reading.
  2. TAKE A FIELD TRIP. Visit your local library, a university library or a bookstore. This is about being surrounded by thousands of books, about touching their wonderful pages, about seeing the world of possibility in print, about becoming anxious to know and explore. Make it an adventure and talk about what a “good library” or a “good bookstore” mean. It’s just fun!
  3. FILL YOUR ROOM WITH BOOKS. It has been shown that the students who grow up surrounded by books learn to think of books as friends and allies in their adventure of discovering and learning.
  4. INVITE AUTHORS TO SPEAK. This is a great way to promote the love for reading. Hearing and listening to an author speaking about reading and writing can have a great impact on students. This might just be the thing to inspire students to read are even to become an author someday.

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  1. INVITE STUDENTS TO SOCIALIZE AROUND READING. Book clubs and reading groups are an extraordinary way for students to socialize and share their ideas and thoughts. This is fantastic as it helps the students process and understand better what they have read. Students can participate to book discussion groups. They can even give short book reviews, keep reading journals or join online book debating. It is compulsory that the participation to follow-up activities to be voluntary. Thus, reading becomes much more enjoyable and their comprehension skills will be enhanced.
  2. ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN BOOKS. Studies have shown that the students that find new books on their own will develop an increased sense of independence. Students should be given a choice in what they want to read. Choosing their own books will boost their reading ability. Students are more likely to love reading when their interests are taken into consideration and when they control how and what to read. Make sure they will read for pleasure at least 15 minutes a day. They will have the chance to understand that reading is actually not that bad.
  3. ALLOW STUDENTS TO DISLIKE BOOKS. Students will love the idea of giving “a thumb up” for their favorite book and a “thumb down” if they don’t like one. Students will not read if they don’t find something interesting. They will read if their interest is sparked by something “cool”. This will also help adults choose future novels for the students as well.
  4. USE TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE AN E-BOOK. Students love technology, and this is one of the best ways to get them to love reading. Download specialized apps and encourage them to create their own works. Students will simply love sharing their books with their peers and talking about their books.
  5. TEACH STUDENTS READING STRATEGIES. Many students consider that reading is hard for them. That is why they don’t like it too much. Teach them reading strategies, like repeated reading, sustained silent reading or direct vocabulary instruction. Thus, you will help them read fluently and feel confident.
  6. HELP STUDENTS SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF READING. Sometimes, just knowing what happens and what the results are can encourage someone see the world in a different way. Laying out the benefits of reading might be one of the best ways to encourage students pick up a book on their own. Once they get a taste of reading, they will definitely want to keep on reading to discover what will happen to the characters.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to show your students that reading is important. We can help give our students the reading boost that he/she needs with a little focus and direction. Reading for fun helps students become habitual readers and they will, eventually, become good readers. Free reading is what raises reading levels. What is more, reading should be fun, not frustrating!

We should not forget that reading is one of the most fundamental skills students need to learn to be successful.




Daniela McVicker is a career educator with recent experience in student-centered learning strategies. She is an advocate of student-directed learning in all its forms. She is an arduous supporter of the use of technology as a “tool to think with”. Moreover, Daniela is a writer at paper writing services rated by students.

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